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Sunil's Replacement or Agreed on his Demand of Hike? Kapil Sharma in Trouble!

After many attempts of Kapil apologizing to Sunil Grover and Sunil is showing his complete upset side on Twitter and Chandan Prabhakar boycotting the show, it's time to move on. The latest updates says that Ahsaan Qureshi and Raju Shrivastav are going to replace Chandan Prabhakar and Sunil Grover for an episode. Some rumors even say that Krushna Abhishek too might rope in 'The Kapil Sharma Show'.


Chandu and Kapil


The fight started when Kapil physically and verbally assaulted Sunil Grover in a flight mid-air when they were returning from Australia. Sunil took this as a disrespectful action and became very upset.

Kapil tried very hard to control the damage he has done with a very long post on FB -



Here's the post Sunil Grover tweeted in response to Kapil's FB post -


Kapil once again apologized and this time on Twitter, but all efforts in vain -


Sunil and Kapil


According to the sources, initially it was stated that Sunil is bound to the channel and so agreed to return to the show but only after a hike in his salary. Similarly, Chandan Prabhakar who plays chaiwala in the show is very upset with Kapil and thus want to quit.

But, after a lot of discussion over the issue, Sunil and Chandan Prabhakar decided to quit the show. There is still not any clarity as of now that whether Sunil and Chandan will re-think their decision of quitting or not. Let’s hope Kapil finds a way to patch up with Sunil and we get to watch Mr Mashoor Gulati back on screen.