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Sonam Kapoor to Play a Tabla Player in ‘PadMan’, learning Day-Night!

We all are aware of Akshay Kumar is playing the man Arunachalam Muruganantham in his upcoming film, PadMan based on his life, produced by Twinkle Khanna. We know Radhika Apte is playing his wife. But what about Sonam Kapoor? Well, finally her character has revealed.

Sonam Kapoor will be essaying the role of a tabla player. She has been taking lessons from the famous table-expert, Mukta Madan Raste. She is working hard for learning the nuances of playing the instrument. Sonam, who is putting all her efforts in learning this instrument for a film when it does not really demands it. Reports say that, Sonam practice, even while travelling from a music book. Mukta also has a small role in the film and she plays a Sarangi player and trains Sonam too.

Well, the film seems interesting with such dedicated team. We are surely waiting for the release.