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Gurmeet Choudhary & Debina Bonnerjee Become Parents of Two, A Step Towards Nobility!

Soon after our director Kjo shared his good news of becoming a father of twins, Television's Ram and Sita set a remarkable example for everyone.

Married in the year 2011, Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Banerjee decided to adopt two girls, aged six and nine namely Pooja and Lata respectively from Jarampur, Bihar, home town of Gurmeet.

Pooja and Lata are said to be the cousins of the actor who unfortunately lost their parents and were living with their distant relatives since. The actors met these two girls in 2014 when they visited their town to attend a family wedding.

Gurmeet’s mother was close to the girls and discussed their situation with the actor to which Gurmeet in conversation to the leading daily said, "After hearing about their plight from my mother I discussed them with my wife. Debina agreed with me that it was time to give the kids a home, a deserving education and my last name".

Although the paperwork is completed but the girls will be shifted to their Andheri home next year. Meanwhile, they are residing with Debina’s brother in Patna.

The older one, Lata is fond of Gurmeet shows and have given her consent to the couple’s idea of adopting them while Pooja is still not aware that she will soon be getting a new family. Both the actors confessed that they shared some instant liking for the girls and they have achieved a peaceful state of mind after the adoption.

We really appreciate the actors for their generous gesture and wish them good luck for future.