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Ekta Kapoor will Solve Netaji's Death Mystery in Rajkumar Rao Intriguing Series “Bose”!

Since India was free from the wars, the question of the tragic disappearance of our nationalist and freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose is still a mystery. It was believed that he died in a plane crash on August 18, 1945. The mystery surrounding what really happened to him after that is baffling.

Now, Ekta Kapoor is ready to evoke the topic by steaming a web series under ALT Balaji Production. The show titled “Bose” dead or alive is all set to release starring Rajkumar Rao as the lead.

We can’t wait to see how Rajkummar Rao has brought feels in the character. The trailer that has been launched already in was Mumbai on 18 August, has garnered the attention of millions of fans within minutes.


Rajkumar Rao


As intense as it sounds, the dialogues are indeed powerful. With Netaji stating  "Ladai ke liye charkhe ki nahi, fauj ki jarurat hai. Mahabharat ki ladai Yuddhishtir ne nahi jeeti thi, Arjun ne jeeti thi." to Gandhi is just a glimpse of the contradicting ideology between both of them.

The trailer begins with a voiceover that says, “The world thinks Bose is dead.” The web-series might centre around one of the biggest conspiracies of the country, but it does show how it all began for Bose. His journey towards becoming Netaji and his struggles.

Well, no matter how old is the story, watching Rajkumar Rao in such an intense role is what we are waiting for!