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Delnaaz Irani is a Risk-Taker Giving her Versatility a Twist with Upcoming Web Series!

Television and Bollywood actress Delnaz Irani, well known for her role as ‘Sweetu’ in Preity Zinta and Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ is making her comeback with the new web series titled ‘ Virgin Woman Diaries’ directed by actor turned director Kabir Sadanand.

Always known for a role as sweet and best friend in most of the Bollywood hits, she is all set to show her different side through this upcoming series.

As per the sources, the 44-year-old actress would be portraying a Gujarati mother of an 18-year-old girl who is in a live-in relationship and wants to explore her sexuality and Delnaz will be seen handling the issue with utmost maturity.


Delnaaz Irani


In conversation with the leading daily, Delnaz shared her experience about her role. She said, "Kabir is a friend and it has been absolute fun shooting for Virgin Woman Diaries. I play the role of a nagging mother, something very different from characters I have played in the past."

The actress chose this role to cut off her image as a sweet friend type’s character from the minds of her fans and wanted to showcase her versatility and in fact portraying a role of a mother to a grown up girl is all in all a challenge to her.

As per personal life, Delnaz Irani ended her 14 years of marriage with her ex-husband Rajeev Paul in 2012.

It would surely be a treat watching the actress in a different role. Virgin Woman Diaries will hit the screens in September.