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Censor Board to Ban 'Maatr' due to Disturbing elements, Raveena Tandon Hits it Back!

After banning 'Lipstick Under My Burkha' saying it is lady-oriented, it is time for 'Maatr', a serious rape and revenge drama inspired by the Nirbhaya rape case. Well, censor board is doing things against all odds. They bring up illogical reasons to cut particular scenes from the films. They even banned the Academy Award-nominated film, 'The Danish Girl' on television due to 'unsuitable content'. The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) leading by Pahlaj Nihalani refused to clear 'Maatr' due to violating "Bhartiya Sanskriti". All the members of the committee walked out of the screening saying that the film was completely different from the screenplay that was submitted and the rape violence is way too disturbing.


Pahlaj Nihalani
Pahlaj Nihalani


As per reports, they believe that the film includes some gruesome violence against women and covers with maa-bahen expletives. An official said,

"We can’t even recommend that the abuses be beeped as they run through the course of the film in an ongoing rush of profanity."

The source further added,

“Rape sequences are always tricky. We never know when they stop becoming shocking and get into the voyeuristic/titillating zone. In Maatr, the women’s violation is subject to allegations of excessive elaboration. Though the film is well-intended and hard hitting, we cannot take the risk of incurring the wrath of organizations devoted to prevention of violation against women.”


Raveena Tandon


Censor board has decided to ban the film a week before its official release and apparently Raveena Tandon is not happy with the decision took by CBFC. In response, she said, that the Censor Board is bound by ‘archaic laws’ and it must evolve with the changing times. She further added by saying that "Maatr being a rape-and-revenge-saga doesn’t require sugar-coating. Taking a stand, Raveena also stated that if we won’t showcase the brutality of a rape, it will continue to remain a taboo."

On this account, Pahlaj Nihalani said, 

"We have done our best to accommodate this film’s requirements. We even opened the CBFC office on Saturday, a non-working-day, to re-view the film."




Now, the producers will visit revising committee, which will take time. The film was scheduled for release on 21st April, but now the chances are not in the favor.