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Aamir Khan Refuse to Release Dangal due to Pakistan Censor Demands of Cutting Nation Anthem Scene

Aamir Khan starrer Dangal who already did a business of Rs 385 crore is in the news again. Well, this time the reason is a bit negative. As per the reports, Pakistan opened its doors to Indian films recently, but Aamir Khan refused to release his Dangal in Pakistan. WHY?

We tell you. Well, Pakistan Censor Board is asking two important and crucial cuts in the film. Reportedly, one scene with the Indian flag and the other with National Anthem. The film which did splendid job at the box office is not worth the cut, right?

After lifting the ban from the movies by Pakistan, Aamir Khan along with his team were perfectly fine with the show-on in Pakistan but they having problems with scenes urged Aamir to cancel the release despite the fact that it might result in loss of Rs 10-12 crore.

As per reports, Aamir was surprised by the request, especially when the movie is not showing any extreme patriotism and the scenes they demanded to cut are main taking film towards the climax. The film only highlights India’s nationalistic sentiment and thus Aamir who is also the producer of the film is not ready to accept the cuts.

Also, Dangal signed a contract with Netflix to the tune of Rs 20 crore for screening the film that might lead to piracy. This is not the first time Pakistan Censor board did this to Indian films. Earlier, Raees was not allowed screening as it “portrayed Muslims in a negative light” while Jolly LLB 2 had undergone massive cuts due to Kashmir scenes.